Classic Start 8 Free Traditional Start Menu Style for Use with Windows® 8

Best of Both Windows®

Classic Start 8 provides functionality of a standard
Windows® 7 start menu for your new Windows® 8 interface.

Brilliant Design

It's easy to use and works seamlessly with Windows® 8
for totally integrated look and feel.

FREE Download Now!

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and agree to install Classic Start 8 on all user accounts on my computer.

Get the Start button functionality back on your desktop for Windows® 8!

Classic Start 8 is a free application which adds a traditional-style start button to the Windows® 8 desktop taskbar. With full functionality just like in Windows® 7, Classic Start 8 brings back all the familiar features of a traditional start menu into Windows® 8, including quick access to the search box, control panel, documents, all programs and more!

Designed specifically for use with the Windows® 8 graphical user interface, the Classic Start 8 start button is seamlessly integrated into your system, making it appear and function as an integral part of your desktop taskbar.

Classic Start 8 is completely free of charge without any hidden payments or fees, unlike most other start menu solutions for Windows® 8. Download it free today!


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