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The first upgrade of Windows® 8 is expected  to be released October 17. Formerly known as Windows® Blue, this release will be free to existing Windows® 8 users from the Windows® Update service and available for purchase on October 18.

A version of the popular Start button will debut with Windows® 8.1; although it will only take users to the Start screen rather than the Start menu. Speaking about the upcoming release at a conference in San Francisco, Microsoft® CEO Steve Ballmer said that the company is "refining the blend" between the desktop and modern user interfaces with a lot of Windows® 8.1 enhancements designed to make the change between the two interfaces far less jarring. Ballmer also promised plenty of smaller Windows® 8 tablets would be released as well as new apps from Flipboard®, Facebook® and the NFL® - although no screenshots were shown of these in action.