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Windows® 8 Sales May Influence Intel® Revenue

Intel® reported its fourth quarter earnings on Jan. 17, 2013, at an unexpected $0.48 per share versus the anticipated $0.45, thanks to higher gross margins and lower taxes. This increased amount for the fiscal quarter ending Dec. 2012, may not fare as well in time, however, since it may be connected with projections of Windows® 8 license sales, which haven’t met expections. Just like with Windows® 7, Intel®may have been banking on higher sales of computers because of the upgrade in hardware for the new operating system. But the reality has been different and Microsoft® hasn‘t sold as many licenses as predicted. Speculation on why Windows® 8 sales haven’t hit their mark ranges from talk that the new operating system doesn‘t have better hardware requirements to  people not fancying the new interface. In the end, it’s hard to say. We can only guess, but the fourth quarter earnings do show the Intel® PC Client Group revenues were $8.5 billion, down 1.5% from the previous quarter and down 6% from the year-ago quarter.